Red Deer Duct Cleaning Company

Central Alberta’s Most Trusted Duct Cleaning Service
Greatly reduce your indoor air pollution by removing dust, allergens, and odor causing microbes from your air ducts.

Duct and Furnace Cleaning Red Deer
Locally Owned and Operated in Red Deer since 1998.

Advanced Cleaning was started in 1998 with some inexpensive portable cleaning tools and an old blue cargo van. The company quickly grew to a fleet of advanced HVAC trucks and has been Central Alberta’s most trusted Furnace, Air Duct, and Carpet Cleaning Service for 20 years.

Our mission is to improve your indoor air quality and provide you a cleaner environment all while delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We’re proud of our knowledgeable, dependable, long-term staff that are dedicated to what they do.

We continue to live in and support the local economy and community.

5 Things to Ask Before Hiring a Furnace & Duct Cleaner
Are they local?
The owners and staff of Advanced Cleaning live in Red Deer and have been Serving Central Alberta since 1998. We know our community, and we’re proud of that.

Do they use a truck mount or a portable system?
Advanced Cleaning uses custom built truck mount vac systems that pull over 14,000 cubic feet suction per minute. The best portable systems only pull ~5,000 CFM!.

Do they power brush or just use compressed air?
Some companies only use compressed air to blow out dust. Advanced Cleaning will Power Brush and Viper Whip your duct system to get all the caked on dust & debris out!. This mean you need to clean your ducts less frequently.

Do they suction and pull all the dirt and debris through the furnace?
Some companies will hook up below the furnace for a quicker job, which can damage your furnace. Advanced Cleaning will hook up above the furnace. directly into the main lines, increasing our suction and not pulling the dirt through your furnace.
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